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Working at Ingood by Olga

In good company

Our team has a very specific mission : to bring out the best from our materials by taking inspiration from nature. Our job ? To make good ingredients useful to everyone in the greatest respect of our ecosystems.

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In good conscience

The fight against food waste has always been a cause close to our hearts. We want to limit our impacts and material losses as much as possible. Beyond our ingredients, we believe in a whole model of sustainable development - still perfectible - that we want to share generously around us. Everyone can now participate in the food transition in a very positive spirit !

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In good taste

Ingood ingredients are what makes the difference in a product ! Magic ? Rather a harmonious blend of know-how, boldness, passion and openness of the world. The ingredient invisible in the final preparation but essential by its power, deserves special attention, just like you.

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In good spirits

In short, our job is to offer you the best of our materials whith full respect for nature. With a good dose of personality and our secret touch: our human warmth, our ethics and our passion for sharing.

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Ingood Team

We are an "ingredible" team of 20 people. From the production department to the quality, supply chain, marketing, R&D, sales and sales administration department, we are fully committed and driven by the desire to offer you natural ingredients and support you in your future projects.

They are your key contacts (our sales team)

_Justine BLONDEL-picto
Justine Blondel Business Developer Health & Nutritional Ingredients
Maria Morlier Business Developer Food Ingredients
Matthieu Renaud Business Developer Health & Nutritional Ingredients

They are essential like each ingredient in a recipe (our back office team)

Charlotte BASTIAN-picto Charlotte BASTIAN
Charlotte Bastian Business Unit Manager
_Kevin GILLOUARD-picto
Kevin Gillouard R&D Project Manager
Adélice SIRAUDEAU R&D Project Manager
Claire Boniface Marketing & Communication Manager
Céline Izrailowicz QHSE Manager
Laure PESLHERBE QHSE Project Manager
Régis MARTIN-picto
Régis Martin Financial Controller Manager
Bénédicte MOREL-picto Bénédicte MOREL
Bénédicte Morel Supply Chain Manager
Louise Le Duin Sales & Customer Relationship Assistant
Christophe Caux Stock Administrator

They make and produce our ingredients with passion (our production team)

Christophe HOULLIER-picto Christophe HOULLIER
Christophe Houllier Protein Production Manager
Jean-François BRIAND Protein Production Team Leader

More information ?

A project? Do you need technical data sheets? Concept sheets?
Contact our Ingood team who will be happy to help you and to listen your future projects!