SOJYFIB® is a natural ingredient 4 in 1 combining fibres, proteins, lipids and minerals.
SOJYFIB® is from french non GMO soy of our sector. Since 1995, we have set up a supply chain for our soybeans and we make analysis at each step of processing to guarantee the absence of GMO. SOJYFIB® comes from seed residues called okara, a soy drinks co-product. That’s why we can say that Sojyfib® is an upycled ingredient !

Manufactured in our factories in Brittany and respecting ecosystems, we want to provide you a plant-based, clean-label solution for your products.

Water and oil retention
Alternative aux additifs no additive Additives alternative
Clean label
French non-GMO Soy
Rich in fibers soy Source of fibers
upcycled ingredient coproduit Upcycled ingredient

Its powers

  • Natural and plant-based emulsifier and stabilizer
  • Retention power of oil and water (5 to 6 times its weight)
  • Additives alternative (E471)
  • “Source of fibers” allegation in UE legislation
  • Potential probiotic effects
  • Clean and plant-based alternative
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vegan ice cream and cookie pea protein

Applications of the ingredient SOJYFIB®

Natural and plant-based emulsifier, SOJYFIB® can be used in several applications in nutrition and food markets.

Ice cream and desserts

Sojyfib® can be used as an emulsifier and stabilizer in clean label applications of plant-based ice cream, sorbets or plant-based desserts.

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Natural emulsifier, Sojyfib® is an alternative to additives such as mono and diglycerides (E471) in bakery products which is used to produce soft bread, cookie, brioche or bun. It also can add smothness and improve the nutritional qualities.

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Savory products

With its oil and water retention power, Sojyfib® is suitable for clean label products such as meat, seafood, or meat substitutes and vegan seafood. It can add smoothness and substitute some additives.
Emulsifier, Sojyfib® can be used as an egg substitute in spreadable and sauce products, dressings, to make clean label and vegan products with neutral taste.

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Sports nutrition

With 45% of insoluble fibers, Sojyfib® is ideal to make an enrichment of fibers in several sport products such as protein bars or protein desserts.

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Active lifestyle & senior nutrition

With 45% of insoluble fibers, Sojyfib® is ideal to make an enrichment of fibers in several products such as protein and nutritional bars or dessert for active or senior nutrition.

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