Peptipea® is a pea protein hydrolysate 100% plant-based and developed for nutrition and food markets. At Ingood by Olga, sourcing is important, Peptipea® comes from a european yellow pea guaranteed non GMO.

Made with passion and in respect of our ecosystems in our factory based in Brittany using an enzymatic process, we want to bring a real vegan, natural and clean label alternative to your products.

Clean Label
Foaming agent
European yellow pea
Made in France
Rich in plant-based proteins
Solubility even at acidic pH levels

Its powers

  • Strong foaming power
    • at high and low temperatures
    • necessary to combine with a hydrocolloid for stability
    • foaming agent 100% plant-based (egg substitution)
  • Rich in plant-based proteins (90%) and highly digestible
  • Source of branched chain amino acids (BCAA)
  • Excellent solubility even at acidic pH levels
  • Clear in solution
  • Neutral taste until a concentration of 3%
  • Non allergenic solution
  • Clean and plant-based alternative
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Applications of the ingredient PEPTIPEA®

Due to its foaming power and its high content in plant-based protein, Peptipea® can be used in several applications in nutrition and food markets.

Sports nutrition

Rich in highly digestible and absorbable proteins, Peptipea® is a source of BCAA's and can be used in sports nutrition. It is completely soluble even at acidic pH levels and clear in solution and it is suitable for protein-enriched products such as protein drinks ready-to-drink, protein powders ready to mix, protein bars or dietary supplements, without affecting taste.

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Active lifestyle & senior nutrition

Rich in highly digestible and absorbable proteins, Peptipea® can be used in active lifestyle and senior nutrition. It is completely soluble even at acidic pH levels and clear in solution and it is suitable for nutritional drinks, protein powder ready to mix, desserts or protein bars without affecting taste. It allows a real enrichment with highly digestible proteins that can cover the nutritional needs.

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Ice cream & desserts

Foaming agent, Peptipea® is a white egg alternative and ideal for clean label applications such as plant-based ice cream, sorbets, vegan mousses or plant-based yoghurt.

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Confectionery & chocolate

Through its foaming power and combined with hydrocolloid, Peptipea® is a gelatine alternative. It brings texture and chewiness to make clean label and plant-based confectionery products such as vegan candy, vegan marshmallow, vegan gummies…

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Savory products

Through its functional and nutritional properties, Peptipea® brings texture and protein enrichment to clean-label and plant-based products such as meat substitutes, spreads and sauces...

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Thanks to its plant-based foaming power, Peptipea® is a real clean-label and vegan alternative to egg in bakery and patisserie products such as mousses, ganaches, fillings or macaroons...

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