PEAKARA® is a plant-based ingredient densely nutritious that comes from European yellow pea guaranteed non GMO, developed for sports nutrition recovery post workout. At Ingood by Olga, we want to limit our impact and food waste and move towards a circular model, : PEAKARA® is a highly nutritional upcycled vegetable protein that is concentrate at 55%.

Made with passion and in respect of our ecosystems in our factory based in Brittany with a clean label approach, we want to bring a real high quality nutritional, vegan and natural alternative to your products in sports and active nutrition.

European yellow pea
upcycled ingredient coproduit Upcycled ingredient
Rich in BCAA (22,4%)
Complete source of essential amino acids
Nutrition food Good Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio
Rich in fibers
Made in our factory in Brittany
Non allergenic

Its powers

  • High quality plant-based protein : 
    • Rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA : 22,4%)
    • Rich in essential amino acids (EAA : 46%)
    • Complete source of essential amino acids (Chemical index : 152, regulation 96/8 CE)
    • Highly digestible (PDCAAS : 1, FAO 1991)
  • Densely nutritious :
    • Rich in fibers (< 8%)
    •  Good Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio (1:5)
    • Poor in sugars (<1%)
  • Easy to disperse
  • Clean label and natural
  • Neutral taste
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Pea protein hydrolysate shaker powder in scoop,  capsules of vegan amino acids, vegan bar protein , sport nutrition

Applications of the ingredient PEAKARA® 

PEAKARA® is the ideal protein for nutrition markets, especially sports and active nutrition, thanks to its rich nutritional composition.

Sports nutrition

PEAKARA® has a unique protein composition for a plant-based protein with a quality close to that of animal protein: it is a rich and complete source of highly digestible essential amino acids, but is also rich in BCAAs and fibers and has a good Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio. PEAKARA® is an innovative plant-based protein specifically developed for sports nutrition, ideal for the formulation of plant-based protein-enriched products aimed at recovery without affecting taste: protein desserts and spreads, ready-to-mix protein powders, protein bars and energy balls.

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Active lifestyle & senior nutrition

PEAKARA® has a unique protein composition for a plant-based protein (46% essential amino acids per 100g of protein and 22.4% BCAA per 100g of protein), is rich in fibers, has a good omega 3/omega 6 ratio and is poor in sugars. This nutritional composition means that PEAKARA® can be used in a variety of active nutrition applications to formulate healthy, plant-based snacks and products that are also tasty because it does not affect taste.

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