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A market driven by plant-based protein

Sports nutrition market has experienced a strong increase over the last few years.

Once dominated by high-level athletes seeking performance, the development of the market is explained by the emergence of consumers desire for a healthy lifestyle, getting aware of the importance of physical activity and of the link between physical and mental well-being.

There are many opportunities to launch products combining nutritional quality, convenience and taste in sports nutrition.

Sports protein-based products are mainly proposed in powder form, followed by bars and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. While whey protein concentrate (WPC) remains the most common ingredient in this market, the growth can be explained by the gaining interest in plant-based proteins for ethical reasons but also because of the digestive discomfort that lactose can cause in dairy-based sports products. In fact, according to a survey conducted by V-label Gmhb in 2021, 71% of sports nutrition consumers say that "plant-based proteins" are attractive, ahead of “whey protein” where 69% say so. There is a huge opportunity for the development of vegan sports nutrition products.

We make and offer you a range of nutri-functional ingredients for enrichments in plant-based proteins or fibers to improve the sports performance and to meet the needs of the sports nutrition market.

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Our good ingredients in sports nutrition


Rich in protein and 100% plant-based, Peptipea®is a highly digestible pea protein hydrolysate, source of BCAA's that can be used for sports nutrition. It has a high solubility even at acidic pH levels resulting in a clear solution, that makes it the perfect protein for protein-enriched products such as protein drinks, protein powder ready to mix for protein smoothies and shakers, protein desserts, protein bars or dietary supplements with a neutral taste.
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Sojyfib® is composed of 45% of insoluble fibers and 100% plant-based, it is the perfect ingredient for providing fibers and proteins in sport nutrition products such as protein bars or protein powder ready to mix.
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PEAKARA® has a unique protein composition for a plant-based protein with a quality close to that of animal protein: it is a rich and complete source of highly digestible essential amino acids, but is also rich in BCAAs and fibers and has a good Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio. PEAKARA®is perfect for the formulation of plant-based protein-enriched products aimed at recovery without affecting taste: protein desserts and spreads, ready-to-mix protein powders, protein bars and energy balls.
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