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A market between convenience and naturality

The savory products market brings together sauces & seasonings, appetizer products, spread products, soups or ready-to-eat meals.

This market has a large variety of players and competition is strong. 

Several trends are impacting this market : 

  • Exotism and originality : this trend around worldwilde cuisine is driving the savory products category. Consumers are seeking for new products to change their daily routine, especially in the appetizer segment.
  • Accessibility : a major part of the products of this market are basic and consumers are waiting for affordable prices and private labels in majority.
  • Convenient :  many consumers spend an average of 20 minutes to cook and savory products market is driven by the need for convenience and “easy to prepare”options. Also, consumers are waiting for inspirational products for their daily cooking and appetizers, this last one being a growth segment facing the meal deconstruction.
  • Healthy, plant-based and local : there is a demand in healthy nutritional products (clean ingredients, French origin and sustainably friendly without ingredients of animal origin)

We make and offer you ingredients adapted to savory products. We can help you to innovate in  making healthy and tasty products to stand out in a very competitive market.

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Our good ingredients for savory products


By its nutritional and foaming properties, Peptipea®, pea protein hydrolysate can replace egg. We recommend a dosage less than 3% for neutral taste. Peptipea® brings texture and plant-based protein highly digestible to make clean label products for plant-based steak, seafood vegan or plant-based sauce or spreadable products.
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Sojyfib® has a power of oil and water retention. It is composed of 45% of insoluble fibers, it is ideal for making clean label meat, fish or plant-based products (plant-based steak, vegan seafood..). It brings smothness and substitutes some additives such as mono and diglycerides. Emulsifier and stabiliser, Sojyfib® is perfect for spreadable products, sauce or seasonings to make vegan and clean label products rich in fiber. It can improve the nutritional quality of the product.
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Plant-based Basics

Our plant-based drinks and juices and our fermented soy specialty are adapted to many applications to bring smoothness and replace dairy cream and milk without impacting taste, both cold and hot. Our ingredients can help you to make plant-based clean label savory products to meet the needs of consumers. Available in organic and conventional versions, they are from French non GMO soy, source of plant-based protein, low in fat and free from lactose and gluten. Many applications are possible in savory products : soup, sauce, quiche, verrine, and spreadable products…
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