Ice cream & desserts

Let's innovate for healthy products without forgetting pleasure !

A market driven by innovation

The ice cream & desserts market is driven by innovation which represents 11,7 % of market sales (versus 2,2% for the other categories) according to Nielsen in 2020.

The market is impacted by different trends : 

  • Naturality :more than ever, consumers are looking to enjoy their desserts without controversial ingredients
  • Less sugar and better nutritional quality : the nutritional quality is more than ever a key challenge and affects all categories of “pleasure” of the market
  • Plant-based : the development of vegan ice cream is a dynamic segment with a strong consumer demand
  • Original savors : innovation of the segment is driven by the development of new savors and more premium or even ultratasty !

The ice cream and dessert of the future ? Natural and healthy products with clean ingredients and improved nutritional composition (less sugar, rich in fibers and proteins…), a range with more new savors and more vegan without forgetting pleasure !

Let's discover our nutri-functional and plant-based ingredients to make ice cream & desserts.


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Our good ingredients for ice cream & desserts


Peptipea® is a pea protein hydrolysate. As a foaming agent, it can replace egg in the formulation of vegan and plant-based desserts (pastries, ultra-fresh, mousses...) and vegan ice creams and sorbets. Peptipea® is a lactose-free and non-allergenic solution that improves melting resistance and foaming, perfect for making sorbets and ice creams.
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Sojyfib® is a natural emulsifier and stabiliser containing 45% insoluble dietary fibre to replace additives such as mono- and diglycerides (E471) in sorbets or ice cream. Available in organic form and conventional form.
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Plant-based Basics

Our plant-based drinks and juices or our fermented soy speciality are adapted to different applications to provide smoothness and replace dairy cream or milk with neutral taste, both cold and hot. Our plant-based basics ingredients are adapted to make plant-based ice creams and desserts to meet the needs of consumers. Available in organic and conventional forms and made from French non-GMO soy, our plant-based drinks and juices, as well as our fermented soy speciality, are a source of plant-based proteins, low in fat and free of lactose and gluten. Numerous applications are possible: cream desserts, crêpes, ice creams...
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various of vegan ice cream flavors blueberry, strawberry, kiwi, lemon, vanilla

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