Detox market

This market is dynamic and consumers are strongly interested by holistic well-being by natural solutions to fight against toxins in the body caused by the environmental and dietary factors.

The body naturally activates its own defense mechanisms against external substances that are toxic to the body, called “xenobiotics” (heavy metals, alcohol, food additives, pollutants, tobacco, etc.). However, they can only partially neutralise and eliminate them, especially when they are present in high concentrations. These compounds increase our body's production of free radicals which generates oxidative stress and accelerates cellular aging. Antioxidants are used by the body to combat toxins. Unlike free radicals, they stabilize or eliminate xenobiotics.

Detox food supplements can help to effectively fight against toxic foreign substances. Different types exist, depending on their use, to help organs such as the liver, lungs, intestines and skin which play a role in eliminating toxins from the body.

The market is particulary developed in several segments:

  • Women: nutricosmetics (detox for healthy skin, hair and nails)
  • Athletes/Dietetic: to improve toxin elimination
  • Adults and senior : cellular protection and prevention of cellular ageing

At Ingood by Olga, we have developed a health active ingredient with effective antioxidant properties.

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Our health ingredients for detox


Sulfodyne® titrated in 5% sulforaphane can help to eliminate xenobiotics from the body through its antioxidant activity, notably via activation of Nrf2 expression, which acts on the expression of phase I enzymes (involved in the process of activating toxic substances) and phase II enzymes (involved in the process of detoxifying and eliminating toxic substances).
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