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Active lifestyle & senior market

Well-ageing is becoming one of the most important concerns of consumers. 

According to a survey from Uniteds Nations, the number of people over 80 years old will triple from 143 million (2019) to 426 million (2050). Therefore, the product range targeting senior remains limited. 

Moreover, our lifestyles and the presence of ultra-processed food has changed the market in nutritionally poor products offer. For example, according to INRAE, processed food represents an average of 30% of the daily calorie intake in France.

There are opportunities to develop products targeting seniors and active adults to provide healthy products rich in essential macro and micronutrients for better health.

On the one hand, there is a need to develop healthy products to promote a balanced diet for adult nutrition.

On the other hand, there is a need to develop products targeting seniors that combine high nutritional intakes of protein, macro and micronutrients, good texture and taste to prevent muscle, skeletal and other mass breakdown.

We make and offer you a range of nutri-functional ingredients intended for the formulation of health, dietetic products with high nutritional value meeting the needs of the active lifestyle and senior nutrition markets.

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Our good ingredients for active lifestyle & senior nutrition


Rich in highly digestible protein and a source of BCAA's, Peptipea® pea protein hydrolysate can be used in active lifestyle & senior nutrition. It's completely soluble and clear in solution, even at acidic pH levels, making it suitable for use in protein drinks. It is also suitable for protein-enriched bars, savory dishes, desserts or protein powders ready-to-mix or ready-to-drink to provide a protein enrichment with neutral taste.
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Sojyfib® is 45% insoluble fibre. It is an ideal ingredient for fibre enrichment in active lifestyle and senior nutrition products such as protein-enriched nutrition bars, savoury dishes or desserts.
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PEAKARA® has a unique protein composition for a plant-based protein (46% essential amino acids per 100g of protein and 22.4% BCAA per 100g of protein), is rich in fibers, has a good omega 3/omega 6 ratio and is poor in sugars. This nutritional composition means that PEAKARA® can be used in a variety of active nutrition applications to formulate healthy, plant-based snacks and products that are also tasty because it does not affect taste.
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